made the scene




6 Responses to “made the scene”

  1. Hello,

    How the heck are you?

    Nice picture.

    Be Well



  2. @1poet4man
    why you say this “How the heck are you?”
    i’m curious


  3. n-am aflat aseara ce e 🙂

    tell me now 🙂


  4. “@1poet4man
    why you say this “How the heck are you?”
    i’m curious”

    1. e o forma mai politicoasa a lui ” How the fuck are you?”

    2. o poeta pentru barbat trebuie sa fie …misterioasa, nu? 🙂

    interj. darn!, shoot! (mild oath expressing irritation, annoyance, etc.); hell, why not

    adica, ce dracu faci ma’ alice? ( nu alea din pusca) 🙂


  5. In American English – if I knew you well, and I did not think it would offend you, I would greet you by saying “How the hell are you?”

    But I do not know you well so I soften the greeting and asked “How the heck are you?” Heck is slang for hell.

    I hope that you were not offended – because no offense was meant.

    Oh, the reason I asked was because I was curios too.



  6. @balauru ţi-am spus pe deviant
    anyway merci de traducere , nuj cum tre’ să fie o poetă n-am mai fost până acum :)))

    @1poet4man i’m not offended :)) I ask cuz i don’t know slang

    i write in a unknown language for you
    and I shoot anything in a way who make people to think at…
    to remember …
    or to feel something
    today is my name day, be well


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