6 Responses to “coma”

  1. storyofnadia Says:

    I just finished working on my next post and decided to browse around in the Art category for a few minutes. Glad I did. Coma — simply “spellbinding.”

    I’m going to keep it on my monitor screen and glance up at it every now and then while I tend to a more plebian activity, ironing clothes.

    Thanks for the beauty.


  2. @nadia
    this is another story
    is the way, my way to survive or live whatever
    and I thank you


  3. When I look at this photo, it say more “awakening” to me. Perhaps coming out of a coma. Excellent work.


  4. Captivating capture Alice, I love that quiet somber mood and tone of this Fine Art piece – jimmy –


  5. jumpinjimmyjava

    i love fog and silence of air


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