2 Responses to “blindness”

  1. Superba poza!


  2. Everyone was sleeping. Eli was sleeping in his place. He is described as having dim eyes which represents spiritual blindness. Samuel was also sleeping in his place, beside the ark of God. The golden lamp stand stood on the south side of the holy place, opposite the table of the bread of Presence. Just before the lamp was getting ready to go out, the Lord called Samuel by name. Samuel ran to Eli not once but three times thinking Eli called him for he didn’t know the voice of God (I Samuel 3:7). Eli not knowing it was the Lord until the third time, finally perceives it’s the Lord and instructs Samuel on what to say to God. Samuel returns to his place and says, “Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears” (I Samuel 3:10). The word of the Lord was spoken to Samuel for the first time. The Lord speaks a prophetic word to him, revealing the demise of the house of Eli. The next morning Samuel is reluctant to tell Eli what the Lord said but Eli keeps pressing him until he finally reveals what God has told him. Samuel told him everything the Lord said.


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